Kerala Tour Packages


Also known as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is a beautiful state which is world-renowned for its backwaters, beaches, tea plantations, quaint hill stations, dense forests, cuisine, and hospitality. It is also notable for its ancient medicinal practice of Ayurveda which offers numerous benefits. Kerala holds a prominent place in South India tours as well as India tours.

The pristine backwaters of the state are a major attraction for people from all over the globe. Alappuzha and Kollam offer a wide range of houseboats for exploring the backwaters as well as witnessing life along the banks of the river. Beaches at Kovalam, Kappad, Cherai, and Varkala offer beautiful surroundings and water sports. Munnar, Wayanad, and Vagamon are hill stations worthy of your time while the wildlife sanctuary at Periyar offers nature at its very best with an impressive range of flora and fauna.

Kerala is also home to some majestic waterfalls including the Athirappilly Falls which is the largest in the state. Often called ‘The Niagara of India’, the falls are surrounded by dense forests offering stunning views. Visit the state during the festival of Onam and you will be mesmerized to see an incredible number of cultural events all over the state.

Kerala Tour Packages are flexible and can be modified as per your requirements. Our team of travel experts will ensure that you have a memorable time in this enchanting state.

6 Days Kerala Tour

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Kerala Ayurveda Tour

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Kerala Culinary Tour Package

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Kerala Houseboat Tour Package

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Kumarakom Tour Package

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