Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride


Go India Tours offers Hot Air balloon rides in the cities of India. What is a better feeling than enjoying cityscapes and bustling Indian Bazaars from high above the ground? It is full of landmarks that are great for hot air balloon rides providing truly a mesmerizing view, no traveler to India can miss this. 

Go India Tours offers Hot Air Balloon rides in the heritage heartland of India;  Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, and Ranthambore. Whether you are an adventure seeker or just a thrill enthusiast, a Hot air balloon ride in India is something you simply cannot miss. 

Pushkar’s Skyline: Perfect Place For Hot Air Ballon Rides In India

A Hot Air Balloon ride in Pushkar allows travelers to embrace its rich heritage from a different angle. As the balloon goes high above the ground the Pushkar Lake and Vahara Temple’s view from there will leave you amazed from its beauty. The architectural marvel takes on a whole new dimension when viewed from a Hot Air Balloon. 

Other Activities In Pushkar To Pair With Your Ride

A Hot Air Balloon Ride is certainly a mesmerizing experience but Pushkar has so much more to explore. Stay tuned to learn more about the activities in Pushkar to pair with your ride. 

  • Exploring The Markets- Stroll around in the crowded Bazaars filled with handicrafts, clothes, and local food stalls. You will be amazed to see the finest traditional Rajasthani products like Lac Bangles, leather products, and jewelry.
  • Visit Brahma Temple- Pushkar has over 500 temples but the Brahma Temple is considered to be the holiest pilgrimage Pushkar. 
  • Take A Dip In Pushkar Lake- The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by more than 50 ghats where devotees take the sacred bath, especially during the holy “Karthik Poornima” 
  • Discover Ajmer’s Charm- Pay homage to the Sufi saint Khwaja Moin-ud-din-Chishti’s Dargah and temples like Nasiyan Jain Temple, Nareli Jain Temple, and Chola Mata Mandir. You can even enjoy a boat ride at Ana Sagar Lake surrounded by Arravali Hills

Agra: Gliding Above the Taj Mahal

The Hot Air Balloon ride in Agra offers an astonishing experience of viewing the Taj Mahal from high above the ground. The Taj Mahal is one of the most recognized landmarks in the world. Its marvelous architecture & intricate design leave every visitor fascinated. Taj Mahal’s view from the above is a must-do activity if you’re in Agra. 

Other Activities In Agra To Pair With Your Ride

  • Agra Fort: This grand fort made of red sandstone offers a glimpse into India's royal history with its impressive architecture & intricate details
  • Fatehpur Sikri: Just outside Agra lies this UNESCO World Heritage Site - an abandoned city once inhabited by Emperor Akbar
  • Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb: Known as the Baby Taj, this tomb showcases exquisite craftsmanship and intricate marblework
  • Mughal Heritage Walk: Take a walk through Agra's streets to discover its vibrant culture & hidden gems
  • Leisure Stay-In Resorts- Take some time to stay in the luxurious resorts where you can relax & collect some energy for your onward journey

Jaipur: Flying Above The Pink City 

A hot air balloon ride in Jaipur offers an opportunity to witness the city's architectural marvels like Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, etc from a breathtaking aerial perspective. As you go over the Pink City, you'll be amazed by the views of landmarks that have defined Jaipur's rich history and culture. Capture the patchwork of bazaars, the mighty forts, the winding lanes, and the life within.

Other Activities In Jaipur To Pair With Your Ride

  • Amber Fort and Palace: After your aerial glimpse, descend into the grandeur of Amber Fort, exploring its majestic halls, courtyards, and temples. You can even take an elephant ride for a truly royal experience
  • Bazaars and Shopping: Explore the vibrant chaos firsthand. Shop for colorful textiles, handicrafts, and unique souvenirs at Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, and Nehru Bazaar
  • Nahargarh Fort: Hike or take a ride to Nahargarh Fort, built at the top of a hill, and capture the panoramic views of the Pink City and surrounding valleys

Ranthambore: Witness Wildlife In Action From A Bird's Eye View

Ranthambore is home to majestic wildlife creatures, It is renowned for its Tigers, Leopards, and Exotic Wildlife. A hot air balloon ride in Ranthambore offers an opportunity to spot this diverse wildlife high above from the ground. You might spot deer grazing, peacocks dancing with open feathers, or even catch a glimpse of the tiger taking a rest beneath a tree on a lakeside. It’s like going on a jungle safari in the air! 

  • Jungle Safari- Go on a safari in the Ranthambore National Park to uncover the secrets of wildlife, capture some captivating moments, spot wild animals, immerse your soul in the wild
  • Visit the Ranthambore Fort- Ranthambore Fort which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Feel the might of Rajasthani architecture 
  • Explore Rural Villages- Visit local villages to learn about the local lifestyle, feel the essence of true traditional life, witness craftsmanship, and enjoy local stories

Optimal Seasons for Ballooning in India

Winter (November-March) is best for ballooning in India as the temperatures are mild during winter. The best time to get on a ride is during the early morning or evening when the weather conditions are calm and favorable for a safe ride. Try scheduling your tour around the festivities to redeem an extra cherry on the cake.

Avoid planning a balloon ride during the monsoon season since the weather can go harsh in monsoons making your ride a bit unsafe. It is important to consider timing to make the most of your balloon ride. 

To make planning your balloon ride easier, Go India Tours offers comprehensive hot air balloon ride in India packages that include hot air balloon rides in Pushkar. We have partnered with experienced operators to prioritize safety and an unforgettable experience.

Insider Tips: Booking, Timing, and Must-Know Essentials For Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • Schedule your bookings in advance to eliminate last-minute hassle
  • Schedule your ride in an early morning or evening slot 
  • Wear layers and dress comfortably, apply sunscreen to protect your skin from direct sun rays
  • Carry a camera to capture aerial views 
  • Follow safety instructions and avoid excessive movement in the basket 
  • Pay attention to the pilot’s instructions and be prompt
  • Some operators provide flight certificates as souvenirs, check with your provider and secure one if possible

You can also check other tour packages offered by Go India Tours such as India Tour Packages, South India Tour Packages, Rajasthan Tour Packages, and Golden Triangle Tour Packages. All of these packages are packed with excitement, thrill, and leisure to make your tour memorable.

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Experience the thrill of a hot-air balloon ride and witness the lakes and temples of the ancient city of Pushkar from a great height. The city is famous for its h...

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, hot air balloon rides are generally safe when experienced professionals follow safety protocols.

Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Dress in layers as temperatures can change during the flight.

Hot air balloons can fly at varying altitudes, but typically between 500 and 3000 feet above ground level.

A typical hot air balloon ride lasts around 1 hour, offering ample time to enjoy the views and experience.

You can explore historical landmarks, visit vibrant markets, indulge in local cuisine, experience cultural festivals, and enjoy adventure activities like hiking and wildlife safaris.

Yes, you can bring cameras or smartphones to capture the aerial views during your hot air balloon ride.

If weather conditions are unfavorable for flying on your scheduled day, your ride may be rescheduled for another suitable day or time. Safety always comes first.

No training is necessary to get on a hot air balloon ride. The experienced pilot will handle all aspects of the flight.

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