India Tour Packages

India Tour Packages


India Tour Packages are one of the world's most immersive and traveled packages. India’s culture, heritage & traditions are truly fascinating. Heading on to Tour packages of India is a one-time experience. In this blog, we will explore some India tour packages, covering monuments like the Taj Mahal & Red Fort to the Himalayas & the peaceful Western Ghats. For a quick yogic getaway or adventurous trek in the Himalayas, India Tours packages have something for every traveler’s dreams. Here a some Top tour packages 

Top Destinations and Tours in India

Golden Triangle tour to Delhi, Agra, & Jaipur

The Golden Triangle Tour packages take you to 3 historic cities Delhi, Agra, & Jaipur. Starting in Delhi, the capital of India, you will explore landmarks like Red Fort & Qutub Minar. You will head on to Agra next, home to the Taj Mahal, don’t forget to check the Taj Mahal Tour Packages India and visit the Agra Fort along with strolling around in the markets. At last, you will reach Jaipur known as the Pink City for its pink buildings. Explore the mighty Amber Fort & visit the Hawa Mahal.

Exploring Varanasi, Rishikesh, & Amritsar

For those looking for a spiritual escape, these tour packages offer a tour through Varanasi, Rishikesh, & Amritsar. Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in the world & has great religious significance for Hindus. Attend the Ganga Aarti ceremony on the Ghats of River Ganga, and take a boat ride at sunrise to attend rituals. Rishikesh is also known as the yoga capital of the world. Attend meditation sessions & yoga sessions. Complete your spiritual odyssey with a visit to Amritsar's Golden Temple which is the holiest site for Sikhs, try langar, offering food to all visitors regardless of faith.

South India: Chennai, Mysore, & Kochi

These Tour Packages to India offer a different flavor of India with its lush landscapes, stunning temples, & backwaters. Start your journey in Chennai,  with beautiful beaches & carved temples. Embrace Mysore's palaces, most notably the Mysore Palace. End in Kochi, the gateway to Kerala's backwaters. Try a scenic houseboat cruise through the backwaters, surrounded by coconut groves & villages.

Discovering the Places to Visit & Things to Do in India

India is a treasure trove of captivating historical monuments, tranquil natural wonders, & vibrant festivals. Let's dive into these fascinating aspects of this diverse country.

Places to visit in India

  • Taj Mahal: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this marble mosque in Agra symbolizes love.
  • Hawa Mahal: Known as the "Palace of Winds," this historical structure in Jaipur features latticework & 953 small windows.
  • Red Fort: Located in Delhi, this fortress has Mughal architecture & has served as the residence of many emperors.
  • Western Ghats: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit for nature lovers with its dense forests, cascading waterfalls, & abundant wildlife

Things to do in India

  • Embrace Diwali: The Festival of Lights is the biggest Hindu festival, millions of families light up Diya & decorate their homes with lights along with fireworks that light up the night sky to celebrate the homecoming of Rama 
  • Pushkar Camel Fair: Held annually in Rajasthan's Pushkar town in Ajmer District, this fair brings together traders, travelers, & locals for camel races, cultural performances, & markets
  • Backwaters of Kerala: Get on a traditional houseboat & glide through the backwaters surrounded by lush greenery. Have a look at our South India Tour Packages to know more about South India 
  • Hiking trip to the Himalayas: The Himalayan mountain range offers astonishing landscapes, valleys, & trekking opportunities. Go on a hiking trip 

Most Popular India Tour Packages For Memorable Holidays

When it comes to exploring the diversity of India, tour packages are a convenient & efficient way to make the most of your time. Here are 3 of the most popular India tour packages that promise unforgettable experiences

Rajasthan Heritage Tour: Rajasthan Tour Packages

Take a step back in time with Rajasthan Tour Packages. Go on a tour of the architectural marvels of palaces, forts, & havelis. Wander in the cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, & Jodhpur to witness the Rajputana architecture. Visit landmarks like Amber Fort, City Palace, & Mehrangarh Fort to learn about Rajasthan's royal legacy.

Wildlife Safari Expedition: Ranthambore National Park & Jim Corbett

For nature enthusiasts, our Wildlife Tour Packages are a must. Filled with adventure you can go on jungle safaris in Ranthambore National Park & Jim Corbett National Park. Explore the wilderness surrounded by tigers, leopards, elephants, & numerous attractions. Capture rare moments amidst greenery.

Partying At Seaside: Goa's Beach Resorts

Spend a night at beautiful Goa's coastline with Goa Tour Packages which provides a luxurious beach getaway package. Relax on beaches filled with palm trees under the warm sun. Try water sports activities like snorkeling or jet skiing. Discover Goa's unique Indian & Portuguese cultures through local market cuisine, & nightlife.

India Tours & Trips 2024: Plan Your Next Adventure Now

When it comes to creating memories in India, our tour packages offer experiences of a lifetime. We believe in providing trips that fit your traveling style. Our customized itineraries ensure that you can explore India at your own pace & do activities that suit your taste.
For adventure seekers, we have a range of tours lined up—head on a trekking expedition in the Himalayas, where you can witness remote & unexplored landscapes. Go for a desert safari in Rajasthan, where you can ride camels through the dunes & witness sunsets on the golden sand.

If you want to relax, you may check our Yoga Tour Packages with which you can enjoy Ayurvedic spas offering ancient healing treatments. Join a yoga session in Rishikesh which is the Yoga Capital of the World.

Traveling to India is an experience like no other. Cities like Varanasi & Pushkar to natural landscapes, India offers a variety of wonders waiting to be explored. India is a one-stop destination for all traveling styles, whether you are into historical monuments or someone who loves to indulge in rich cultural & traditional experiences; India has something for every traveler. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags & book your India Tour Packages Online with Go India Tours.

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Yes, you will need a visa to travel to India. By obtaining a visa you will be able to explore the nation to the fullest and soak in the essence of the place.

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted for larger payments in India. However, it is suggested that you keep some cash with you as local vendors do not accept credit or debit cards. 

India has great internet connectivity, especially in urban areas.

Yes, we take care of your pick-up and drop-off facilities along with all other travel facilities.

Indian Rupee (INR) is used in India. You can exchange money through banks, airports, and authorized currency exchange centers.

Yes, India is a great option if you are looking to travel with families.

Yes, you can use your mobile phone if you have global roaming activated or have a local sim card.