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India is a land of spirituality and religion. People from all over the world visit the country to feel the essence of divinity. Various religious faiths including Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrians are practiced across the country. There are numerous revered places of worship for each of the faiths. India Tours provide a great insight into the religious practices of the people of the country.

Some of the most revered pilgrimage places in the country include Varanasi, Ayodhya, Mansarovar, Mathura, Dharamsala, Amritsar, Rishikesh, Madurai, Bodhgaya, Amarnath, Tirupati, Vaishno Devi, Velankanni, and Ajmer. There are numerous other religious centers throughout the country that are symbols of faith and worship.

The improvement in tourism infrastructure at religious places has played a major part in the growth of religious tourism in India. Some of these places are situated in picturesque towns with pleasant weather thereby also developing into popular retreats. Many religious places also provide a great opportunity to do community service as people get to participate in various activities.

India offers many great places to choose from. Take a leap of faith with our religious tour packages that are carefully designed considering the needs of families as well as individual travelers. These itineraries are flexible and can be modified as per your requirements. Our team of travel experts will ensure that you have a memorable time exploring the religious places of India.

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